Post-Burrito Breakfast


I tend to get stuck in a rut for breakfast, because of the limited prep time before my husband has to head to work. We either eat a bowl of cereal… or eggs and toast. 😛

We had double-bean burritos for dinner the other day (not a hit, by the way), so I had leftover brown rice, avocado and black beans in salsa. I decided to shake things up, and we had Mexican-style scrambled eggs (i.e. salsa-beans and avocado on top), and hot rice cereal with a little butter, milk and fresh berries. (My mom used to give us boiled rice for breakfast and call it hot cereal 😉 so I figured I can do the same.) Unfortunately, this was not a hit with the other half, either… but I enjoyed the variety, and somehow, it made me feel in tune with my healthier self.


I’ve had eggs and salsa before, but I love black beans, so of course, they were a great addition. 🙂 If you find yourself short on time and long on burrito leftovers at breakfast time, try your own combination of yum.

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